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Ben’s Place Veterans Community Living Facility began with a vision to provide a safe, compassionate, and family-oriented group living facility for those who have bravely served in the United States Armed Forces. After learning there was only one VAapproved Community Residential Care (CRC) facility in the Birmingham-metro area, founder Courtney Jones opened Ben’s Place in 2012 and welcomed its first residents.

Today, Ben’s Place operates at full capacity and provides a wide range of living assistance including self-care basics, coordination of healthcare and physician visits, dietary planning, social activities, and transportation. Ben’s Place is inspected annually by the Birmingham Veterans Administration and continually receives commendations for our programs. In addition, Ben’s Place has established rapport with VA personnel, social workers, CRC Coordinators, and safety and healthcare professionals.

Our mission is to provide enriched housing that offers healthcare supervision and a safe, welcoming living environment. Veterans are eligible residency when they are not in need of hospital/nursing home care, but because of medical, psychiatric and/or psychosocial reasons, cannot live on their own and have no suitable family or friends who can or will provide for them.

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